Horizon Sales Team

Horizon Sales Executive Team

Jack Taylor, Chairman of the Board - Jack has been in food sales for 50 years. Following a career as National Sales Manager for a major cheese company, Jack founded Horizon Sales Corporation in 1982.

His vision has always been focused on perishables and where he can make a difference in the growing Horizon’s presence in Western US marketplace. He continues to provide strategic direction and support in the growth and transition of Horizon in the Western marketplace

Theresa Battel, CEO – Theresa is a Partner in Horizon Sales and is responsible for the growth and development of core areas as the business has grown during her 30 years with the company.

She has called on key retailers, managed sales, budgets and profitability, developed operations and merchandising business models, and directed the Management team. As CEO, Theresa has full management responsibilities and is focused on expanding the evolution and growth in Southern California and the West. She continues to be responsible for all aspects of the day to day business and has a primary role in executing the long term strategy of Horizon Sales.

Daniel Ledesma, President - Daniel is a Partner in Horizon and President at Horizon Sales Southern California, as well as the Southwest and Intermountain West regions.

He has been in the food business for over 30 years and joined Horizon in 2007 as Vice President of Sales and Merchandising. His experience covers all areas of the perishable business and his leadership of the Sales, Merchandising and Operations group has been key in growing Horizon.

John Taylor, Chief Financial Officer - John H Taylor joined Horizon in 2014.  He has spent much of the past ten years focused in the fixed income side of the financial industry. John’s knowledge of the financial industry and personal development in the financial sector have had a direct and beneficial impact on Horizon. By developing new systems, streamlining current processes, and expanding reporting capabilities and analysis, John has been innovative and effective in Horizon’s overall financial strategic plan.

Tammy Brusseau, Chief Operating Officer - Tammy began her career in the grocery industry over 30 years ago both in retail and distribution. She has spent much of the past 14 years focused in executive management positions in the merchandising and marketing arena and her extensive industry experience has strengthened Horizon’s foundation. Tammy manages the growth of both our existing operations and our expanded regional corporate operations initiatives.

Scott Taylor, Vice President of Sales & Merchandising – has over 35 years combined experience in the food industry and has been with Horizon for 30 years. Scott has been responsible for the successful growth of Horizon's business at retailers both nationally and locally. He is focused on Horizon's continued approach to developing our business initiatives in Southern California and will lead and mentor the Sales and Merchandising teams in the Southern Ca market.

Robbie Ledford, Vice President of Business Development - Robbie joined Horizon Sales in early 2013 and brought over 20 years of experience in the distribution side of the business. He has extensive knowledge and experience in multiple facets of the retail grocery industry and holds a key role in managing Horizon's Kroger West business in addition to other company initiatives.  


Erik Pietsch, Director of Regional Sales and Merchandising - has over 25 years of experience in the grocery industry with a wealth of knowledge in the service deli area. Erik is responsible for managing the communication and execution of sales and merchandising initiatives for Horizon’s growth in the Western Region.

Asha Shah, Director of Operations - Asha joined Horizon in 2011 bringing 15 years of Fortune 500 corporate experience. She has extensive experience in sales and operations.  Asha oversees Customer Support, Deductions and Sales Support departments and leads these teams to successfully support and manage all operational services required by our manufacturers and customers. 

Adam Pyle, Director of IT - Adam joined Horizon early in 2017 after having a successful career as a computer consultant for over 15 years.  Adam oversees Horizon's IT infrastructure and manages all technical projects and network development.  As Horizon grows, he continues to help develop and coordinate our information systems and implements our technology goals.

Tina Knizel, Executive Administrator - has been with Horizon since 2005.  Tina works closely with our Executive and Leadership teams including support and collaboration with our Chairman, CEO, President and CFO.  Her partnership with each of Horizon's sister companies includes administrative management of personnel located in SoCal, AZ and CO to continue and advance our "Best in Class" standards across each of our territories. 

Sales Team

Janice Greene, Account Executive – brought her vast knowledge of the Service Deli with her when she joined Horizon 32 years ago. She has over 40 years of experience in the food industry and worked as a Service Deli Manager for an upscale independent retailer prior to joining Horizon.

Barry Zuroff, Account Executive – Barry has been in the grocery industry for over 50 years and spent the last 30+ years focused in the Deli/Service Deli, Meat and Seafood arena. He has been with Horizon for 23 years and has served on the board of directors Southern California Deli/Dairy/Bakery Association and is past President of the California Cheese and Butter Association.

Marli Milne Account Manager / Field Sales Manager - Marli has been with Horizon for 16 yeas with 12 years in Retail Sales and Management.  She leads our experienced SoCal Field Sales team of 10 associates and  the relationships she has developed  are key in helping grow the business.

Debbie Delehant, Account Manager - Kroger - Debbie has 30 years in the retail food industry. She spent 28 years with a leading distributor where she was an Account Executive for Ralphs Service Deli/Bakery for over 10 years.  She served on the DDBC board for 4 years. Debbie has been with Horizon for 4 years and is based in Cincinnati calling on Kroger Service Deli/Bakery.

Horizon Sales Southwest / interMountain West / rocky mountain Teams

Theresa Grant, Account Executive, SoCal/SW – began her career in the grocery business 30 years ago where she worked in various departments honing her skills. She joined Horizon in 1999 where she developed an unparalleled understanding of retail merchandising. Theresa is now part of our Account Executive team and continues to grow and support Horizon's business.
Ken Clark, Account Executive, SW – has 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry with the last 14 years working with Horizon Sales covering the Arizona territory. Ken is a member of Horizon's management team and currently oversees a team of 4 merchandisers in the areas of AZ and Nevada.

Mark Schnuelle, Account Manager, SW - joined Horizon in 2018 with 12 years of experience in the deli / bakery industry with an emphasis on Kroger sales.  He has held multiple roles over the years from retail management to manufacturing sales and training and brings expertise and innovation to merchandising in both service deli and service bakery.

Lorie Roundy, Account Executive, IMW - has 25 years of experience in the Service Deli/Bakery industry. She was instrumental in the development and success of the largest food brokerage firm in Utah for 10 years before joining Horizon. Lori is responsible for growing business in the UT, ID, CO, WY, and MT territories. Her experience and relationship building skills provide her the keen ability to implement programs while stimulating sales.

Matthew Jones, Account Manager/ Field Sales Manager, IMW - Matt has been working in the grocery industry for 20 years. He began his career with a national chain where he worked his way up through a variety of positions including Service Deli Manager and Deli Trainer. Before joining Horizon, Matt was working as Bakery Manager. He joined Horizon Sales 8 years ago as a Merchandiser and is now an Account Manager in addition to Field Sales Manager for the IMW team.

 Ellen Glasscock, Director of Retail Sales/Account Executive, RM -  Ellen has over 25 years experience in the industry and spent 10 years with Cheese Importers Sales Team working and developing the Colorado market.  She leads our team of 3 Field Sales Reps who are all experts in perishables while developing and supporting our retail business in the metro Denver area. 

Alex Friess, Account Executive, RM - joined Horizon with 10 years in the grocery industry.  Her extensive knowledge in service deli is demonstrated by her certifications as a Murray’s Red Jacket Trainer and Murray’s Cheese Master.   

Horizon Sales PartnerS -

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Horizon Specialties - Northern California market

Horizon US&S, LLC - Colorado market

Willis Marketing - Pacific Northwest region

Rainbow Sales & Marketing - Hawaii market


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