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At Horizon Sales, we take pride in being the leading organization in sales, marketing, and merchandising for the dynamic and diverse markets of Southern California, the Southwest, the InterMountain West region and Colorado. For over 40 years, Horizon Sales has excelled in the perishables industry, a clear reflection of our enduring dedication and the strategic alliances we’ve forged with clients and customers across key sectors—Service Deli, Wall Deli, Dairy, Service Bakery, Produce, Meat, and Seafood. Our experience not only shows our proficiency but also our deep-seated commitment to these vital areas of the marketplace.

Our seasoned team of professionals is not just spread across the Western United States; they are embedded in the core of each market, understanding the unique challenges and opportunities that arise from the local landscape. Horizon's alliance with Willis Marketing in the Pacific Northwest further solidifies our presence, with regional coverage that extends across all 12 Western States, including Alaska.

The foodservice division is another realm where Horizon leads the way. Based in Colorado and extending to Arizona, we are recognized as a top Food Service Broker in the Rocky Mountain and Southwest regions. Our sales team is unparalleled, driven by a passion to exceed client and customer expectations and an eagerness to adapt to their evolving needs, all while setting the industry's highest standards of excellence.

Our goal is simple yet ambitious: to provide unmatched service to our customers and clients. Service that not only meets the mark but sets a new standard, service that is, without question, second to none.

This dedication to our work is the prelude to the comprehensive suite of services we offer—each designed to champion the success of those we serve.


Headquarter Sales

At Horizon Sales, our expertise in perishables is unmatched, with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies within the Service Deli, Wall Deli, Dairy, Service Bakery, Produce, Meat, and Seafood sectors. Our approach is hands-on and multifaceted, encompassing everything from presenting new items with insightful expertise, ensuring that every introduction is as informative as it is compelling to maintaining open and effective communication with our clients and customers. We conduct thorough business reviews, utilizing syndicated data to sharpen our focus on Headquarter accounts. Our strategy revolves around leveraging solid partnerships and nurturing relationships with our clients, distributors, and customers to fuel sales growth. We're skilled in devising promotional plans that drive sales, executing cross-promotions with creativity, and bringing innovative merchandising ideas to the table. Our leadership team maintains direct connections with the top executives of our customers, ensuring that Horizon Sales not only meets the market demand but helps shape it.

 Retail Field Sales Representatives

 Our field sales team is a driving force of our operations, ingrained in the daily rhythms of the retail landscape. They are in the stores each day, not just as visitors, but as active participants, engaging with department managers, resolving distribution voids, and ensuring cases are fully stocked. They are vigilant in identifying out-of-stock situations, swiftly taking action to mitigate any potential sales loss. Their role extends to educating store personnel with hands-on training, guaranteeing optimal product handling and presentation. These dedicated professionals are adept at fostering lasting relationships with customers by providing support when needed. With each interaction, our team is committed to not just maintaining, but elevating the in-store experience and driving the success of our partners.

Marketing & Analytics

Horizon Sales offers comprehensive Marketing and Analytics services, which are essential for driving business growth and strategic decision-making. Our suite of services encompasses in-depth sales and category analysis, allowing us to interpret syndicated data with precision and insight. We keep a pulse on both industry-wide and customer-specific trends, equipping our customers and clients with the knowledge to capitalize on current market movements.

Our tailored approach extends to uncovering specific sales patterns, trends, and emerging opportunities. We are committed to setting realistic fiscal goals and assisting in volume planning and forecasting to ensure our customers and clients are not just prepared for the future but can actively shape it.

With Horizon Sales, you gain a partner that provides not just data but actionable intelligence and strategic planning tools — everything you need to navigate the marketplace confidently and successfully.


Our best-in-class operations team at Horizon Sales sets the industry standard, with each member cross-trained to ensure seamless workflow, even in the absence of colleagues. This robust approach means our support for customers, clients, and partners never falters but instead is continuously fortified by ongoing training and education.

We have refined our sales support process to be as responsive and knowledgeable as possible. Our team are not just adept at sales support—they are trade portal experts, proficient in completing new item forms, setting up promotions, and managing trade funds with accuracy and efficiency.

Our Deductions Management team offers a streamlined and expert solution to financial deductions, ensuring quick and accurate resolutions. We provide personalized attention that offers immediate resolution efforts, and expertise in various Trade Promotion Management programs. Our approach involves a meticulous validation process, including back-up reconciliation, internal and external research, and comprehensive follow-through until resolution. When necessary, we handle financial adjustments through processing check requests and managing repay requests to maintain financial integrity. Our service is designed to remove the guesswork from deductions management, offering our clients peace of mind and a reliable partner in protecting their financial interests.

Customer support is no less thorough. Our team expertly processes orders, staying ahead of any potential issues, shortages, or logistical adjustments. They ensure that price changes are communicated promptly and clearly, and that key advertising and promotional events are supported by ample stock through vigilant coordination.

At Horizon Sales, we don't just provide services; we provide peace of mind and reliability that your business operations are in the hands of a team that's as invested in your success as you are.

Client Management

Our Client Managers at Horizon Sales are key players in brand success, driving sales and securing optimal product placement with unwavering expertise. They are at the forefront of facilitating client interactions, streamlining market visits, training, and efficiently handling sample requests. Their dedication to nurturing relationships with customers and distributors, combined with timely sales and market insights, ensures that both our team and our partners stay at the forefront of the industry.

By swiftly disseminating information on product launches, market shifts, and promotional strategies, they ensure our teams are well-equipped to adapt and succeed. Their consistent communication bridges gaps between organizational changes and client needs, fostering a dynamic where opportunities are seized and challenges strategically navigated.

In essence, our Client Managers embody the strategic partnership that clients rely on for growth and sustained market presence.


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