We Make It Happen For You

"We Make It Happen For You"

Our sights are always set in the direction of Leadership, Integrity and Expertise. At Horizon Sales this unique vision always leads us to the same place – profitable solutions for your business. We understand the challenges you face: new products coming out all the time, a changing consumer-base and evolving technology.

Horizon Sales wants you to rest assured – confident in a food broker that cares about your success. We are your Southern California, Southwest and Intermountain West perishables broker focused on Service Deli, Dairy, Service Bakery, Produce, Meat and Seafood Departments and National Accounts for the Supermarket and Independent Trade. We make it happen for you™!

Consumer Marketing

Food Pairings

Food pairings are often used to increase sales and highlight how your various products can bring out the flavor in another food. For example, our work with Gallo Wines pairs with ever-changing cheeses and snacks including BelGioioso, Castello, Rembrandt and Valley Lahvosh.

Sommelier Service

Our approach in a sommelier role in our industry is to coordinate wine and food pairings. Through our monthly programs, we promote recommendations to the consumer via our activities and merchandising at the store-level. Our role is to keep the consumer informed about matching foods with wines that enhance and complement the flavors and textures of both. See how Horizon Sales uses Sommelier Services so that "We Make it Happen for You™".

Coupon Program

Our exciting and exclusive coupon rewards program is used to drive sales, increase customer loyalty, and display product differentiation. Consumers can access coupons by attending our events and purchasing the items in our food pairings. Coupons often offer $1.00 INS off with Wine and Cheese (DP Offer).

Retail Racks

Specialty racks can be designated for your product, and set-up in either the wine or cheese section of retail stores depending on your product’s need for refrigeration.

Insignia Sign Program

Increase your sales with point-of-sale signage. Often times, this manufacturer-funded signage is paired with POS display racks either in the cheese or wine area of a store.


Wine neckers help call attention to specials offered. These marketing materials drive sales and highlight flavors and pairings.

 Wine pairing Marketing Materials


Wine and cheese pairings ~

 a delicious partnership deeply rooted in history and tradition.


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